Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Bonnie Tyler’s “Total eclipsó of ns Heart” appears to it is in about habituales people; however, it’s actually about vampires. In fact, writer carga Steinman originally wrote it for a musical based top top one of los most famous vampire movie ever. Steinman revealed he was surprised he got to work with Tyler on ns classic track for ns very particular reason.

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Why jim Steinman to be surprised when he had los opportunity to work with Bonnie Tyler

In uno Rolling stone interview, Steinman revealed he to be surprised to be asked to work with Tyler because he was mostly recognized for Meat bread records y heavy metal-esque songs. “I was ns little little bit surprised they would certainly ask me, but my 2nd thought the was uno real challenge because of that,” he said. “And identificación thought she one of ns most passionate voces I’d ever before heard in piedra ‘n’ roll since Janis Joplin.”

How a naturalmente phenomenon and vampires motivated ‘Total oscuridad of ns Heart’

Steinman revealed the influence behind “Total eclipse of the Heart” was the opinión of uno lunar eclipse. “I thought of it an ext as uno fever song,” the said. “Most música pop songs room about los lyrical side of love, the pleasant side. I’ve always liked composing about ns other side, ns darker side. An eclipsó seemed like ns perfect picture to descrito when someone is completely overwhelmed by love. It’s favor an eclipse. There’s no more brillante at all.”

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According to Playbill, “Total eclipsó of the Heart” showed up in the musical Dance of the Vampires. Steinman revealed this was fitting. “I actually wrote <‘Total eclipsó of the Heart’> come be un vampire love song,” the said. “Its initial title was ‘Vampires in Love’ because i was functioning on a musical of Nosferatu, los other great vampire story. If anyone listens to the lyrics, they’re really prefer vampire lines. It’s all about the darkness, los power that darkness, y love’s place in dark.”

The heritage of ‘Total oscuridad of ns Heart’

Tyler had actually success with Steinman’s song. “Total eclipsó of los Heart” reached los No. 1 spot on los Billboard Hot 100 and remained on los chart for veintinueve weeks. It came to be Tyler’s only No. Uno hit y her just top 10 hit as well as “It’s a Heartache,” which fight No. 3. Los song’s parental album, Faster than the velocidad, velocidad of Night, was a hit as well. It got to No. 4 on ns Billboard 200, staying on los chart for treinta y dos weeks.

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The official Chart company reports “Total oscuridad of the Heart” was un hit in los United Kingdom as well. The hit No. 1 in los U.K., continuing to be on ns chart for dieciséis weeks. It to be Tyler’s only No. 1 hit in los U.K., though she had actually several other top diez hits there. Faster than the speed of Night reached No. Uno in the U.K., staying on los chart for 45 weeks.

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Although Steinman created “Total ceremonia of los Heart” for uno vampire musical, it seemed to resonate outside of los world of musical theater.