El indio solari & los fundamentalistas del aire acondicionado el ruiseñor, el amor y la muerte

El Indio Solari has actually announced two nuevo shows of los Air air conditioning fundamentalists and I anticipated the will virtually participate in part songs.

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The days will it is in December 11 at the individual Stadium in La Plata and the February 19 at the Hipódromo después Rosario.

“In both concerts identificación will participate as a guest, practically to some songs”, confirmed los musician ~ above his Instagram profile.

El Indio Solari, in the show he gave with los Fundamentalistas …, in Olavarría in 2017. Photo martín Bonetto

Tickets for ns La Plata admitir will walk on aparecer from this Friday at 3pm and those the Rosario, from 1 December.

“Good news: the Fundamentalists are very happy come announce the return to los stage”, was the announcement the Indio.

For the atmósfera Conditioning Fundamentalists it will certainly be the return to face-to-face shows from the beginning of march 2020, as soon as they debuted their lineup without the singer himself.

On that occasion, delaware a series of recitals for ns benefit that drummer nombre de niño Carrizo, they reverted to los Malvinas Argentinas stadion in los buenos Aires.

The atmósfera conditioning fundamentalists in ~ the end of 2019. Foto Emmanuel Fernández

In social networks, the band said the “intention” to be for los first face-to-face dando to be that of Rosario, delaware the recital they had actually to suspend on March veintiocho due to the institution of los coronavirus quarantine.

However, due to scheduling issues at the semillas de rosario venue, castle were just able come book a date for February 19, 2022. “For this reason, those that have currently purchased ticket for rosario may choose to to visit the rosario show. Hippodrome ~ above February 19 or los one in La plata on December 11 without having actually to change ns ticket they already have “, suggested by los Fundamentalists.

“Two beautiful parties are coming up and it is a pleasure to share them con you”, to be delighted los singer, that announced in dos mil dieciséis that he has Parkinson’s disease y has not physically appeared on stage because Olavarría’s catastrophic recital in 2017.

A band con autonomy y the unreleased Indio

Los Fundamentalistas después Aire Acondicionado, ns band that accompanies Indio y which currently has its very own flight, has had actually several formations since its beginning (Indio’s first solo album is The sweetheart of ns Innocents (Bingo Fuel), 2004).

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He at this time has Gaspar Benegas and Baltasar Comotto on guitars, Fernando Nalé on bass, polo Sbaraglia on keyboards y guitar, Déborah Dixon and Luciana Palacios top top vocals, Ramiro López Naguil ~ above drums, Sergio Colombo ~ above sax y Miguel Ángel Tallarita ~ above trumpet.

At ns distance, Indio Solari presented two new songs in the Epecuén show. YouTube photo

With Covid limitations on crowds y traffic, los band offered two streaming shows. In the first, “From los satellites”, Solari voiced “Porco Rex”, “Susanita”, “An point of view for your solitude”, “Fashion is no avant-garde”, “The darkness” y “Paintings the war”.

The second (“To los birds”) took place final April, in un spectacular y almost post-apocalyptic setting: at mersion Epecuén, in cosas buenas Aires.

It was organized virtually in secret, y due to difficulties with los contracted streaming service, its transfer was delayed. Eventually, ns band decided to re-superstructure the admitir for free vía YouTube, for whoever to buy it and whoever didn’t.

That dando had un special nuance. Once again at uno distance, los Indio premiered dos original songs: “Praying alone” y the interesting “Meeting with an aficionado angel”, con autobiographical features.

The virtual holdings of the Indian had currently begun before the quarantine. It taken place in los March 2020 shows, at los Malvinas Argentinas stadium. That was no his figure on ns screen, yet with un more sophisticated mechanism: like uno hologram.

The último recital in which los Indian sang in human being – so much – was on once March in Olavarría, where dos people died and a dozen were injured.

He has because only been watched in his thin appearances in the even rare recitals of ese Fundamentalistas de Aire Acondicionado. However his company is more extreme in social networks, specifically on his YouTube channel.

Three weeks earlier he released dos unreleased song by Patricio kingman y de ellos Redonditos ese Ricota, videotaped in los recording that Luzbelito (1996) however which to be left fuera of the album.

He additionally shares short and experimental improvisations – guitar, voice y without showing his face – under los pseudonym “The timid singer” and reads passages from his favourite books.

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On YouTube he also publishes vídeos of los sound tests of his recitals, both of the time with Patricio Rey and in his solo phase, and also having given vent come his side as a writer.