Pablo Escobar El Patron Del Mal Capitulo 3

From his job as a petty thief to becoming head of a drug-trafficking empire, this riveting series charts ns life of the infamous pablo Escobar.

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Even as uno child, pablo had a head for business. When he grow up, he begins working with El sheriffs and is introduced to ns drug trade.


After his incarceration for theft, pablo decides come enter the cocaine organization by purchasing uno farm come ensure drug production.


Pablo and Gonzalo space incarcerated for drug trafficking, when Fabio is forced to expropriate his sister Patricia’s relationship con Pablo.


Using the planes he purchased, pablo ships drugs to Miami, whereby Graciela handles distribution. Polo gives his brother an unforgettable gift.

Pablo build Hacienda Nápoles. Los news of an extradition treaty in between Colombia y the United principal puts him on high alert.

The search for Irma proves fruitless, y the leader of the organization fulfill to discuss ns extradition treaty.

Pablo witnesses firsthand ns influence politicians deserve to wield, and he ponders going into politics as a means to seize power.

Some the Pablo's partners object to his politics ambitions. He starts his campaign for Congress, but ns party's leader doesn't want any ties to him.

Both Pablo and Galán watch victories in the election, but paul is already plotting to get rid of his adversary.

Pablo take away office. Rodrigo Lara is appointed secretary that justice and uses ns opportunity to make uno statement versus drug trafficking.

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The newspaper publishes proof linking polo to medicine dealing. Meanwhile, Rodrigo is accused of having ties to los Mafia.

Pablo resigns representar his seat in Congress y orders Rodrigo's assassination. The país Police take abajo a vast cocaine activities in the jungle.

Rodrigo is murdered ~ above Pablo's orders. Hunted by ns police, polo is compelled to get in hiding.

Col. Jiménez learns that was behind Rodrigo's assassination and searches for them all gastos generales Medellín. Pablo's mother, wife and son flee Colombia.

Pablo and his associates hide in Panama while the police find for castle in los wake of Rodrigo's death.

Pablo bullies and bribes numerous agents of ns police to achieve their protection. Ns pilot who works because that the cartel gives ns DEA compromising photos.

The guerrilla group takes gastos generales the royal residence of Justice, leaving civilians, police officers and some that their very own members dead.

Judges space assassinated and threatened for your attempts come bring polo to justice. Marcos Hérber escapes the police.

Judge Zuluaga is assassinated. Polo smuggles cocaine on advertising flights. Ns U.S. Activates los extradition procedure for members of los cartel.

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Marino discovers the colonel's informant. The Supreme Court rejects los expulsion law. Paul learns that his mistress, Yesenia, is pregnant.