Para Que Sirve Desfragmentar El Disco Duro

boosting performance using the Windows Defragmenter tool

Summary: improving performance using los Windows Defragmenter toolSee less boosting performance using the Windows Defragmenter tool

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Disk Defragmenter Overview

Regularly correr the disc Defragmenter utility enhances system performance. When the computer saves files, it fragments los files into pieces and saves los pieces in various areas on los hard drive. Windows takes longer to access files since it requires added disk journey reads to find ns pieces.

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The process of finding y consolidating fragmented files is dubbed defragmentation. Decaying Defragmenter consolidates ns fragments to one location on the disk drive. As a result, windows accesses records faster, y new papers are less likely to be fragmented.

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The próximo steps explain how to correr Disk Defragmenter in ns Microsoft windows Vistaand Microsoft windows XP operating systems. The por último step explains how come troubleshoot unforeseen conditions con Disk Defragmenter.

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Run disk Defragmenter

clic Start, clic All Programs, apuntar a to Accessories, point to System Tools, y then clic Disk Defragmenter. In ns User Account Control window, click Continue. In ns Disk Defragmenter window, select or deselect Run on ns schedule.Depending ~ above your intake habits, schedule decaying Defragmenter to operación weekly or monthly. (To change the defragmentation schedule, clic the Modify schedule button, select los desired schedule options, and click OK.). Clic Defragment Now. After the defragmentation is complete, clic Close. No


Run disc Defragmenter

click the Start
button, apuntar a to All Programs, punto to Accessories, point to System Tools, y then clic to select Disk Defragmenter to display the Disk Defragmenter window. From the Disk Defragmenter window, clic to highlight ns drive to it is in defragmented. Click Defragment. Escape on los size of ns drive, it might take several minutes for los defragmentation process to complete.Do not open any other programs at this time. When los Disk Defragmenter home window appears delaware the defragment process is complete, clic Close.

Troubleshooting disk Defragmenter

If you encounter problems correr Disk Defragmenter, try the following:

leave other programs prior to beginning disc defragmentation, including programs running in los background. Disconnect representar the Internet and then rotate off anti-virus y anti-spyware programs. Log in on as Administrator or as un member of ns Administrators coporación, grupo to run Disk Defragmenter. Examine to view if the computer is on un network. Network policy might prevent you from running decaying Defragmenter. Eliminate the computer from ns network to correct this condition. For sure that the hard disk being defragmented contends least 15% free space. No Error Messages no If los message Drive materials Have Changed: Restarting
shows up while running Disk Defragmenter, express to los Microsoft Knowledge bases Article: ""Drive"s contents Have Changed: Restarting" Message as soon as You use Disk Defragmenter"

For more information about troubleshooting the Disk Defragmenter, express to the Microsoft Support

, or see some of ns articles below representar Microsoft Support: