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Born:February 4, mil novecientos treinta y uno (age 90)La RiojaArgentina...(Show more)Title / Office:president (1974-1976), Argentina...(Show more)Political Affiliation:Peronist...

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(Show more)Notable household Members:spouse despues de ansan Perón...(Show more)

Isabel Perón, in saturado Isabel Martínez de Perón, née María Estela Martínez Cartas, (born February 4, 1931, La Rioja, Argentina), Argentine politician who offered as president of Argentina in 1974–76, the world’s an initial woman president. She was ns third mam of President despues de ansan Perón and served as vice president (1973–74) in his administration.

She was born to ns lower-middle-class family, acquired the name Isabel (her saint’s name) ~ above her roman Catholic confirmation, y used that name once she became a dancer. She met juan Perón in either 1955 or 1956 and, offering up she career in dando business, came to be his personal secretary, accompanying him in exile to Madrid, wherein they to be married in 1961. She checked out Argentina several tiempo in los 1960s y early ’70s, structure support for she husband. When he lastly returned come Argentina to correr for president in 1973, Isabel was favored as his evil presidential running compañero on the suggestion the his near adviser joe López Rega. Ns couple won los election, y they take it office in October 1973. Juan’s disease several veces elevated Isabel to ns position of exhilaration president, and she thrived him in office as soon as he passed away on July 1, 1974.

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Her regime inherited problems of inflation, work unrest, y political violence. She attempted to solve ns problems by appointing new cabinet ministers, to press money come pay international debts, y imposing a state of siege in November 1974 as the nación was on the brink the anarchy. Los controversy surrounding her sociedad welfare minister López Rega, that was forced into exile for graft y terrorist activities, go not help her situation. Moderate armed forces officers urged her to resign, however she stubbornly refused. Ns economic y political situation continued to worsen, y on march 24, 1976, she to be seized by aire force officers and held under casa arrest for five years. In mil novecientos ochenta y uno she was convicted of corrupt practices, but she was paroled in the summer of that year y went right into exile in Spain. Pardoned in late 1983, she submitted she resignation as head of the camino apartado Justicialista, ns Peronist party, desde her patria in la villa de madrid in 1985.

In dos mil siete an Argentine juicio issued a warrant for she arrest on charges of allowing ns armed efectivo to commit humanidad rights abuses throughout her presidency. Perón, who by then had gained Spanish citizenship, was briefly arrested. In 2008, however, Spain’s país Court refused the extradition request, judgment that ns charges did not constitute crimes versus humanity and that los statute of limitations had been exceeded.

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