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Grey’s Anatomy is at this time in los midst that its eighteenth season ~ above air, so it goes without saying the ABC’s medical juego has left its mark. Entusiastas have to be tuning in to mirar Meredith flocking (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues since the series premiered regreso in 2005. Many are simply as passionate as ever about the show, and that alone is impressive. But when it concerns Grey’s Anatomy‘s legacy, serie creator Shonda Rhimes has actually mixed feelings.

Shonda Rhimes knows what she’d favor ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s affect to be

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There’s no denying Grey’s Anatomy has had ns positive impact on television, also as the world off-screen. Ns show’s explicate of the medical comunidad has certainly sparked much more interest in ns field, even if it deserve to be un little unrealistic at times.

Fans have also told Rhimes the Grey’s is responsible for your career decisions. Y during one interview forVariety’sShow woman of ns Year issue, Rhimes admitted she’d like los show’s heritage to be all ns people it got interested in medicine:

“The number of women who have come to be doctors since of that dando is magical come me. Ns number of civilization who’ve involved me and told me the they learned exactly how to do CPR, or figured out that they to be having ns heart assault because of that show, is magical come me.”

Those room certainly an effective things come hear desde the fanbase. They likewise prove storytelling affects more than just los characters on-screen. However although Rhimes desires to think of that together Grey’s Anatomy‘s legacy, she believes its affect might it is in something else.

The alphabet show’s creator fears its heritage is something else

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Never providing up the fight. Currently on Hulu.

— Grey's Anatomy (
GreysABC) November 13, 2021

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While Rhimes wants to think Grey’s Anatomy’s biggest influence involves the médico community, she admitted that’s probably not ns case. Rhimes to trust its tradition will most likely be something ns bit different. She told selection that the dando normalized seeing much more actors of color on los small screen:

“Sadly, me gustaría think ns legacy might simply just be that we made it feasible for more people of shade to have jobs on cámara on television, which renders me embarrassed for television.”

Grey’s Anatomy is famous for having uno diverse cast. And Rhimes can be best that it paved the way for other series to monitor suit. Return that’s a positive effect to have actually on ns industry, it’s understandable Rhimes can feel bittersweet about it. Delaware all, tv shouldn’t have actually needed Grey’s Anatomy to pave the way in terms of diversity. That should have actually been ns given.

When will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ involved an end?

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As for whether or not Grey’s Anatomy still has time to cement that legacy, that’s anyone’s guess. Season dieciocho of los medical drama is chugging follow me without an finishing in sight. Y though fans have wonder for años when Rhimes and Pompeo would decisión to wrap points up, they’ve yet to receive uno clear answer.

With Rhimes cuales longer serving together showrunner, it’s unclear exactly how much speak she’ll have in the show’s ending. Due to the fact that her manufacturing company, Shondaland, still produces los show, she’ll most likely dictate when it ends. Exactly how is another story.

With no news the Grey’s Anatomy Season dieciocho being ns last, hopefully, entusiastas won’t have to worry around that simply yet. Nuevo episodes of Grey’s air on Thursdays ~ above ABC.